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Martes, Pebrero 25, 2014

What Careers Are Available for Someone with a Degree in Film?

hollywood film school

What is Film Making?

Film making is a diverse industry made up of creative individuals working together to create and produce movies. Also referred to as film production, film making consists of the entire film creation process from start to finish- including storyboard designing, screenplay writing, casting for the film, shooting and directing the film, editing the film and the audio, then screening and re-screening the film. It is a collaborative process that can take weeks or even years to complete. Hollywood film school offers a great experience that will boost up your film making skills.

hollywood film school

What Can You Expect From an Undergraduate or Graduate Program in Film Making?

An undergraduate or graduate film making program is typically highly competitive, diverse, and challenging for students. Consisting of a wide array of classes in order to prepare students for a constantly evolving industry, film making students can expect to be constantly pushed to their limits both mentally and physically.

Film making programs include lecture based classes to educate students on the history of film making and the basic techniques of the trade. Studio classes are also incorporated to help students gain a working knowledge of the current technology being used in the industry. From film cameras to sound equipment, students will graduate feeling ready for a wide array of jobs in the film industry.

Is a Degree in Film Making Right for You?

A program in film production is highly demanding, time consuming and extremely competitive. A combination of creativity and technical knowledge is necessary on the part of any candidate thinking about a career in this particular industry. Ideal for individuals looking for a unique job that doesn't confine them to a cubicle and a 9-5 schedule, film making comes with a flexible, yet hectic work schedule that includes travel, long work hours, and the opportunity to work with many different people.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are considering pursuing a degree in film making:

• Do you handle constructive criticism well?

• Have you often been told that you have strong leadership qualities?

• Are you able to deal with stress well?

• Are you looking for a job with unreliable work hours that could result in frequent relocation?

• Do you enjoy creating and telling stories?

• Are you okay entering a highly competitive industry? Do you thrive off competition?

• Do you work well with others?

hollywood film school

What Career Opportunities are Available for Those with Film Degrees?

A program in film making trains you in all aspects of film production, from pre-production all the way through to post-product. That includes creating storyboards, writing screenplays, producing the films, directing the cast, editing the film, as well as screening and re-screening the finished product. This opens you up to a wealth of jobs in the film industry. Not only will you be prepared to be a film producer, but you will also be qualified to work on set as an editor, a storyboard designer, an audio engineer, a casting director, and more.

Here are just a few jobs available to those with film production degrees:

• Film producer

• Associate producer

• Boom operator

• Foley artist

• Director of photography

• Assistant director

• Sound engineer

• Video editor